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A multilingual designer based in Barcelona

About me

Born in Brussels around the mid-eighties, I am part of the "Xennials" generation : half analog, half digital. Back to those early days, the most trendy typeface used to be the 'stag' while Nike was the must-have brand symbolized by the unconventional André Agassi. By the way I met my first pixels thanks to 'Alex Kidd's' on a Megadrive.

Despite the fact that my mothertongue is French, at 17 I moved abroad in order to get my "bachillerato" ( high school diploma ) in Spanish. Mastering three languages, I studied a Bachelor of Science in International Hospitality Management that would allow me to enjoy one of my main passions : travelling and discovering other cultures. I worked in several countries such as Thailand and Malta.

Nonetheless, I remained too hungry for creativity ! So, back to square one, I started the Graduate Higher Studies in IDEP (Barcelona). Once completed, I have worked in Graphic Design studios such as Artofmany, among others. I am especially focused on creating appropriate and effective solutions through simple, clear, well crafted graphic design. In order to enhance client’s businesses.